A small section of a bigger Welcome to Night Vale sketch dump I’m doing. It features Kevin and Nazi-Nurse Carlos!Double, Diego. I also based Kevin off of littleuvlar’s design of Cecil.

I take no credit in the design of these lovely Strex Corp (c) employees. I’m just the hand that moves the pen.

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You know sjw blogs have gotten bad when a person goes to look up ‘henna’ on Tumblr, expecting nothing but appropriation posts and being genuinely suprised to find mostly photos of beautiful women of many ethnicities sporting a huge variety of gorgeous designs and patterns.

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July 28th, 2014: Out and about in New York City

How problematic

im gonna fuckin throw up

Okay, okay calm down, people.

While you are all losing your mind over ‘cultural appropriation” of an Indian dress, nobody actually consulted THE INDIANS. 

In our country, if a foreigner wears an Indian saree, we actually appreciate it. It shows that the foreigner respects us enough to try our clothes. And the saree, mind you, is not a religious thing. Hindus can wear sarees, Muslims can wear sarees, Sikh’s can wear sarees, Jain’s can wear sarees and so on.

Like Americans have short dresses, compare that with sarees. Going to a party? Saree. Going to temple? Saree, and so on.

Some Indians wear it, some don’t. Some hate it and think its oppressing, some love embracing the unique style.

Point is, don’t hate on her for wearing this. Don’t hate on anyone for wearing sarees or any variations of sarees. We love to see others embracing our culture. Why do you think we open our gates to allow everyone to practice yoga and find spiritual meaning?

Culture is not meant to be kept within four walls, it should be spread.

I did not know this. That is really interesting to find out. Thanks for the information.

"Culture is not meant to be kept within four walls, it should be spread."

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An old ‘Rise of the Guardian’s’ drawing I made the night it was released.

Based on the famous Irish novella, I am currently working on a free comic book adaptation of J. Sheridan LeFanu’s ‘Carmilla’.

It tells the story of Laura, a young woman living in Styria who becomes susceptible to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla. The story predates Bram Stoker’s 'Dracula' by 25 years and served as a huge influence for the story. 

I want to have this finished in time for Halloween. Please feel free to message me with suggestions and questions! The more people interested, the more motivated I’ll be to have this ready in time for international spooky day ;)



Beautiful Henna Head Tattoos Help Cancer Patients Cope With Hair Loss by Henna Heals, a Toronto-based organization managed by a group of artists who created ‘Henna Crowns’ as a form of empowerment for cancer patients. 


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Fashion PSA


This is hipster.


This is vintage.


This has been a message from the Vintage Fashion Community.

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